Why Rejuve?

Stay Fresh & Confident 24/7

The advanced silver ion antimicrobial technology from Europe infused into Rejuve underwear stops the reproduction of bacteria when it comes in direct contact. Silver is scientifically proven as one of the most potent and broad spectrum antimicrobial agents in the world. This means there is permanent protection throughout the lifespan of your underwear.

With bacteria – the prime culprit that causes odour – eliminated, you can stay fresh and feel confident day and night.

Cotton Lovers, Rejoice!

We all love cotton. It’s soft, cool, absorbent, breathable, and easy to care for – all great qualities for a desirable cloth material. But not all cottons are created equal.

Responsible for the release of 16% of the world’s insecticides, conventional cotton that makes up 97% of the global cotton production is the most chemically-intensive crop in the world. The chemicals used in growing cotton can affect your health – from allergies to fertility to cancers.

It doesn’t stop there. Up to 8,000 types of synthetic chemicals could be used to make the undergarments you wear at different stages of production such as bleaching, dyeing and finishing. Imagine having toxic chemicals absorbed into your skin from prolonged wear. Now imagine the damage these toxic chemicals could do when they are worn over the most sensitive part of your body – your genital area – for long hours.

Rejuve chooses only organic cotton produced and certified to organic agriculture standard.

Organic cotton strictly prohibits the use of poisonous and synthetic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. When you choose organically grown cotton, you reap all the benefits of cotton’s beauty, comfort and strength, and at the same time minimize harm to both people and the planet. When you wear organic cotton underwear, you practically eliminate toxicity-related health risks on your skin’s most sensitive area.

By wearing Rejuve, you can be proud of making a conscious choice – to be stylishly comfortable while setting a positive change to the environment and cotton farmers in the world.