About Rejuve

Freedom means the ability to move unrestricted in all areas of your life. No limits and nothing stopping you from enjoying life to the max – home, office or anywhere.

For woman, a simple restriction to freedom can come from the most unusual of places – your own underwear. You might not want to hear it, but your underwear is home to almost 800 types of microbes. Some are docile, some are useful, but others are potentially dangerous. A woman’s natural anatomy makes her prone to infections. The opening of your urethra is close to the vaginal area and anus, which allows bacteria to move easily into the passages from outside and directly from your own intestines.

Rejuve is no ordinary underwear. Designed to help you fight bacteria in your own territory, Rejuve can break you free from the shackles of your underwear. Rejuve is made of certified organic cotton infused with the most advanced antimicrobial technology. Rejuve is soft, sensuous, breathable and comfortable, with the highest quality and form of protection – to keep you feeling fresh and smelling good inside and outside, all day long.