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Meet Rejuve

Protect Your Genital Area

Organic Cotton strictly prohibits the use of poisonous and synthetic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. When you choose organically grown cotton, you reap all the benefits of cotton’s beauty, comfort and strength.

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Benefits of Rejuve


Our fabrics are produced to meet the industry’s highest social compliance standards. It preserves the good health of your genital area. Organic underwear absorbs your sweat you release from your body.


Our organic fabric is infused with the most advanced odour-inhibiting technology to keep your underwear fresh and hygienic.


Our low-rise underwear is meant to pamper your senses on its design and comfortable hipster cut. Showcasing your sexy curves to perfection. It provides full coverage support at the back and a wider crotch in front that allows you to move around freely with all-round comfort all day long. No ride up, no roll down. Safe on sensitive skin. No tag. Works well with low-rise pants, shorts, and skirts.


Wearing a Rejuve-exclusive means you have taken the responsible step in choosing the finest cotton. Our fabrics and raw materials are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to ensure our underwear is skin-friendly. Proudly made in Malaysia at WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)-certified facilities.